Product Care

Tie Up Bandana Care

As our products are handmade, we recommend cleaning our products with a cold/warm hand wash and hang dry in the shade. Alternatively you can also place the bandanas in a washing machine on a gentle cold/warm machine wash, or for extra protection place the bandanas in a washing bag in the washing machine. Washing bags are designed to protect delicate clothing items in the washing machine.
Once dry you can use a gentle warm iron as the bandanas may become wrinkled after washing and wear. 


Black Pepper Dogwear Bandana Care Washing Instructions

Note: Even though our bandanas are quality made to be worn outdoors, in the water and on the beach. If you would like to extend the lifetime of your product and prevent colour fade, we recommend removing the bandana before your pooch swims in the pool or ocean and rolls in mud puddles, which we know our furry friends love to do.  

Bow Tie Care

Our Bow Ties are more delicate than our bandanas and are not designed to be worn in the water. I know its hard, but please try and not get your bow ties wet, take them off your pup before they enter the water or mud puddles.  
If you need to clean your bow tie, use warm soapy water to spot clean the surface of the bow, and then lie on a flat surface out of direct sunlight to dry naturally. Additionally we use interfacing in our all our bow ties for additional durability and so that they will still hold their shape if they do get a little damp or knocked around. We also use washable fabric glue only when securing the middle tie on the bow, for added extra protection. Therefore if the bow does get wet, it will not fall apart.

Black Pepper Dogwear Bow Tie Care Washing Instructions

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