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Spotty Dotty Bow Tie

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The 'Spotty Dotty' Bow Tie features white polka dots on a yellow ochre background. Can you ever have a bad day in polka dots, we think not! Feel like royalty in this golden bandana enjoying that afternoon golden glow or just enjoy those golden sun rays. Stay golden puppers!

100% Australian Made, Owned & Designed on the Redlands Coast, Queensland. Using quality materials sourced from small Australian Businesses. 


▸ The fabric is made of 100% Cotton.

▸ The Black Pepper circular labels are made of 100% Vegan Suede, which are washing machine and heat/dryer proof.

▸ Medium weight iron on interfacing is added to the bow tie fabric for extra strength and durability.

Product Features

▸ We have two styles of bow tie to choose from, the Standard Bow Tie or the Sailor Bow.

▸ Our Bow Ties simply slip onto your dogs collar through two elastic loops, located on the back of the bow, and are situated either side of the middle tie.

▸ The elastic loops stretch wide enough to fit a collar width of 5cm.

▸ We add medium interfacing in our bow ties for additional strength, durability and to ensure the bow maintains its shape if they do get a little damp or knocked around.

▸ All our bow ties are designed and individually handmade with love and care, right here in Brisbane, Australia. Using local Australian small business supplies🇦🇺

▸ There are two elastic loops, instead of one, which ensures that the bow stays upright and in paw-fect position during wear and of course, those cute model poses.

▸ There is no chance of the bow slipping or falling off, unless the collar is removed. 


▸ Our Bow Ties come in three sizes: Small, Medium and Large,

▸ Also Two Bow Styles: The Standard Bow Tie (Just the Bow) and the Sailor Bow Tie (Bow and two long ties).

Large Sailor Bow- 14cm across x 15.5cm down. 

▸ Large Standard Bow- 14cm across x 12cm down.

▸ Medium Sailor Bow- 12.5cm across x 12.5cm down.

▸ Medium Standard Bow- 12.5cm across x 9.5cm down.

▸ Small Sailor Bow- 10.5cm across x 10.5cm down.

▸ Small Standard Bow- 10cm across x 7cm down.

▸ Please note our sizes are a bit larger than other products sold online. Majority of our product photos are taken using the Medium sized bow ties. Our dog models wear a variety of sizes, please refer to our Instagram and Facebook post descriptions for sizes worn.

Size Chart

Black Pepper Dogwear Bow Tie Size Chart

Product Care

▸ Our Bow Ties are more delicate than our bandanas and are not designed to be worn in the water. I know its hard, but please try and not get your bow ties wet, take them off your pup before they enter the water or mud puddles.  

▸ If you need to clean your bow tie, use warm soapy water to spot clean the surface of the bow, and then lie on a flat surface out of direct sunlight to dry naturally.

Black Pepper Dogwear Bow Tie Care Instructions

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